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LeEdge Exfoliating Tool Review

This looks really awesome

How to Naturally Exfoliate Your Skin – No Scrubs Required!

Natural and simple exfoliation methods are always the best. Léedge offers an innovative quality tool that will last for years (no batteries or scrubs needed), and will protect your skin from bacteria contamination. Use it on your body, face, feet. Get it in pink or black

Skin exfoliation is extremely important for daily skincare. Period. It takes time and effort, and often some investment into scrubs and tools. Daily safe exfoliation frees skin from dead cells, environmental pollution, toxins accumulating in dead skin and much more. Exfoliation keeps your skin looking younger and makes it healthier.
Whatever your tools and products of choice are, I know you are exfoliating. But how safe and cost effective is your exfoliation routine?
Using scrubs requires an investment into a couple of different products because you can't use the same scrub for your face, body and feet. Loofahs, sponges and mittens harvest bacteria overtime and can cause serious skin conditions. This is why I'd like to introduce you to Léedge skin exfoliator, the new generation natural exfoliation tool that will last for years with no extra investments required:

Niki-Mae Murphy Léedge review

I really love this for the face and legs and arms. Niki-Mae Murphy

Léedge presented USA Morning Show "Today" by Bobbie Thomas

Léedge Exfoliating Tool - Best Skincare Products

This is one of my newest and most favorite ways to exfoliate my skin. Léedge exfoliating tool gently scrapes off dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin.

I am lazy, so I'm always looking for easier ways to get things done. Taking care of my skin is no exception. This week's blog is called Skincare for Lazy people. And when I had the chance to try this exfoliating tool  from Léedge, I thought this would be a super easy way to exfoliate my skin. No more grainy cleansers or loofahs. Just use Léedge full body exfoliating tool in the shower and you are good to go.

Nina Sutton's Beauty Treatments on Ricki Lake Show

‪#‎leedgetool‬ on the @RickiLakeShow !! The lucky audience members all went home with their own Léedge!

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